Nektar++ 2.0 is out

and it can be found at I’m partial to this work as it is the evolution of the Nektar code I worked with during my Ph.D. thesis work and the main developers are colleagues (and friends). Nektar++ is a generalized library of spectral element (otherwise known as h/p element) methods that can be applied not just to flow problems (as was the case of Nektar which has been used for incompressible and compressible Navier-Stokes (N-S) as well as MHD, for examples see the work at IC and at Brown) but to other application domains as well. As expected given the expertise of the developers the initial emphasis is still on basic PDEs (e.g. advection-diffusion equation) and N-S. There is already one external adoption of the code with application to coastal modeling in conjunction with the Cactus framework (which makes it triply interesting to me). Nektar++ is not as mature for production work as Nektar (more than 15 years of production use) is which explains why at my graduate alma mater (Brown) Nektar still does the heavy lifting for flow research work but the new codebase promises greater flexibility for the future:

  1. It offers a unified framework for Continuous, Discontinuous and Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin methods – the latter is of interest to colleagues in the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT
  2. It is written as an object-oriented toolkit, similar in some aspects to OpenFOAM with all the advantages for code development and integration such an approach entails
  3. The developers have put a lot of effort into efficiently computing operators

Well, after this shameless plug 🙂 over the next few posts I will detail my experiences/gripes with building Nektar++ on different platforms.

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